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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 24, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i'm alex witt. we start with break news with global implications. pro leave voters chairing the news as it puts the eu in unchartered water as no nation has ever left. after the results, prime minister david cameron, the stay in the eu camp, says it is time for new leadership. >> the british people have made a very clear decision to take a different path. as such, i think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction. i will do everything i can as prime minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks an months. but i do not think it will be
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right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination. >> just a few moments ago, former london mayor and strong lead backer, boris johnson, spoke to the press, paying tribute to david cameron and hailing last night's results. >> to those who may be anxiety, whether at home or abroad, this does not mean that the united kingdom will be in any way less united. nor indeed does it mean that it will be any less european. >> nbc matt bradley is live in london with more on this. matt, let's talk about the reaction to all of this, millions and millions of people. 1.3 million votes separating the two camps. >> it was a pretty narrow decision, alex. no under estimating the importance of this. it is being called independence
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day by those who supported it, and a complete disaster who hoped to remain. it is unpresident departmentsed decision. no country has ever left before. really there is just no going back for britain. already here, heads are rolling. i'm standing in front of the prime minister's residence here at 10 downing street and a couple of hours ago, david cameron appeared right here. he was choking back tears when he said he was going to be resigning in october. now, we know that he is at buckingham palace having an audience with the queen, breaking that harsh news. the sharks are already circling in these politics. the victorious camp are jockeying for position and they stand to inherit power. the markets here have already taken a tumble. the pound is at a 21 -- 31 year low, one of the biggest one day losses. some of the five largest banks
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have lost about 1/5 on the stock market. there are some right wing politicians across europe who are already jockeying and call for their own referendum. the u.s. markets haven't opened, and it is yet to crash on american shores. >> absolutely, matt bradley, i'll tell you, economic volatility expected for some time to come. buckle up, everyone. a day after donald trump issued scathing taxes against hillary clinton, he spoke with lester holt and stood by those jabs, insisting clinton was in fact asleep during the benghazi attacks, and the private e-mail server she used was hacked. despite the fact that he couldn't say where he learned that information. >> you delivered a speech yesterday, you went hard after hillary clinton. she said your speech is full of conspiracy theories and you tacked her because you had no answers on substance.
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what is your answer. >> i attacked her because she has been terrible at what she does. whether it is libya, whether it is the great migration that you see, which is largely her, and certainly her and obama. horrible job. you look all over europe, it is a dis stas ter what is taking place. she'll be a terrible president. the attack is an attack really on the enact she will be a terrible president. >> you made some very bold claims about her that didn't stand up, when we put it -- did. >> you don't know if they stand up. what claim are you talking about? >> that she was asleep. >> he was left helpless to die as hillary clinton slept in her bed. >> were you there? were you with her? >> she has testified before the committee that she wasn't asleep. it happened during the daytime. there is no evidence of that. >> it happened all during the day and it was going on for a long period of time. >> i guess what i'm asking, what do you base that on. >> it was going phon afor a lon period of time. she was asleep at the wheel.
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who knows if she was sleeping. >> you said she was sleeping. >> why, because she put out a tweet, therefore, she wasn't sleeping. nobody else could put out a tweet. >> so you stand by what you said. >> whether she was sleeping or not, and she might have been, it was a disaster. it was a horrific disaster and on her watch. >> you also made the claim that her e-mail, personal e-mail server had been hacked. >> her server was easily hacked by foreign governments. >> you don't know it hasn't been. >> wait a minute. suggesting that she would be compromised as president. >> first of all, she shouldn't have had a personal server. it's illegal. what she did is illegal. now, she might not be judged that way because, you know, we have a rigged system. but what she did is illegal. she shouldn't have had a personal server. >> is there any evidence that it was hacked other than routine fishing. >> i read it and heard it and someone gave me that information. i'll report that back to you. >> you said it with such
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certainty. >> i don't know certainty. probably she was hacked. you know, you can be hacked and not know it. she probably was hacked. the fact is, she should not have had a personal server. >> you've been critical of hillary clinton for taking wall street money. will you take wall street money? >> i'm taking very little. >> but you will take some. >> i don't know. we'll have to see who comes up let me tell it differently. i have turned down millions of dollars of people who i don't want to give me money, okay. she has taken tremendous amounts of wall street money. i put up my own money. now we've started raising money and i've gone to different events. again, a lot of money is being raised for the republican party. you'll be surprised when you see the next report. >> do you plan to debate her? >> of course. >> three. >> three, yes. >> do you plan on doing them? >> sure. >> are you preparing for them? >> i think my whole life has been in preparation, yeah, sure i'll be preparing like everybody else. >> you made an appeal in your
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speech to bernie sanders voters to come over to team trump. you're asking people who support a democratic socialist to come over to you, as a symbol capitalism, who may or may not take wall street money. >> let me just tell you why. because i'm no fan of bernie. but bernie sanders is right about trade. i mean, he is right. the difference between me and him, i'll do something about it. in other words, i'll actually do something about it and make those horrible deals and make them great for the country. >> trump is in scotland to celebrate the opening of his golf club there and spoke about the eu vote. >> one of the big votes nin the history of europe and scotland and everywhere. it was very exciting coming in and we were landing and just heard the results. i wish everybody a lot of luck. i think that it's purely historic. and what is happening is
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historic. >> stateside, most of west virginia is in a state of emergency this morning, as a band of severe storms pounded the state with heavy rains and whipping winds. rescue operate is being stopped by all of the flooding. >> a state of emergency in west virginia. at least four counties were under flash flood warnings thursday night. the region pounded by up to 7 inches of rain. the historic flooding overloaded rivers, closing roads and dangerous conditions for drivers. over 400,000 residents were without power. jackson county reports you've child who had been swept away in waters. heavy rainfall forced crews to suspend their search efforts until storms subsided. cars were trapped in deep floodwaters, and stunned residents watched as what it paired to be a house on fire floated down a creek.
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>> watch out. >> just across the border, residents say they've never seen anything like this. >> it's really bad. there is a raging river, and there is 500 gallon oil tanks and gas cans, and tree trunks floating down the river where people's backyards were. there is people, you can see people in the second story windows waiting to be evacuated. >> dan shanman, nbc news. >> bill karins has more on what has been a really wild weekend. let's hope the weekend is better. >> the fires out west, too. everyday we've had a new blaze to be worried about. that's been the scene outside of santa barbara county, how we started the work and numerous fires that popped up outside of los angeles and the firefighters have been out there none stop in this incredible heat. the number of acres burned, an
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impressive start here. the other story is the temperatures that are starting to warm up. here is the acreage burned. one of those flash floods in, relatively humidity very low, 8 to 15%, and wind gusts of to 40 to 50 miles per hour. western warmup, not what you want either. many areas were extremely hot last weekend, cooled off a couple of degree and go up a little bit. l.a., not bad, coastal areas okay, but even tucson, portions of the
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rockies, a few showers and storms, especially montana. fires and flooding and you know, we had tornados earlier this week. >> but it is shocking, you go from magenta in the south, just a few states up, it is nice and green. thank you very much. up next, wall street up in arms over the historic uk vote and what it means for you and your investments. supreme court hands down a massive blow to the barack obama administration. you're watching "early today." but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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the obama administration was dealt a massive blow yesterday, and it came at the hands of the supreme court. the highest court of the land deadlocked in a tie 4-4 vote, the expansive immigration plan from going into effect. pete williams has more. >> reporter: the ruling is a huge blow to rolando martinez, and more than 4 million more adults like them who came here
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illegally but whose children were born here and plan to stay. >> they will have opportunity to be whatever they want to do in their life. >> reporter: president obama wanted to let those adults stay too, but lower courts blocked his immigration policy, the eight member supreme court tied 4-4, unable to decide whether the president had the authority to order such a sweeping change. that leaves the program unenforceable, this woman whose daughter was born here. >> the same thing like i came to this country, so i'm still waiting for something positive for my life and my family. >> reporter: the administration will not be moving to deport those here illegally if they don't commit crimes, but they cannot apply for work permits. >> i think it is hearbreaking for the millions of immigrants who made their lives here, who have raised families here, who hoped for the opportunity to work, pay taxes, serve in our
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military and contribute to this country we all love. >> reporter: because a tie doesn't decide anything. the ruling says nothing about presidential power, though republicans acted it like it did. >> presidents don't write laws, congress writes laws. >> reporter: the program's future will be a political, not a legal one. hillary clinton said she will fight to keep it. donald trump says he would abandon it. z >> that was pete williams there. a 4-3 for on college admissions, upholding the university of texas at austin and affirmative action makes classes more diverse. global markets stunned and reeling. what happens now? we'll have more on that, coming up. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh!
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the board on wall street as investors react to the leave the european union. stock futures have come off their lows of the morning but the dow falling more than 500 points at the opening bell and as you said in asia and european markets, the british town not seen against the u.s. dollar since the mid 1980s. how investors are reacting, they'll likely be moving away from stocks to save haven investments, such as u.s. treasury or gold. gold is at a two year high. we're seeing this because of the opinion polls going into the uk vote yesterday suggested that the t would cop-out on top. now investors are caught on the other end of the trade and have to move quickly, lower their exposure to great britain at least for now, alex. >> think about this, so many people have to be worried about their own stocks, specifically retirement plans as well. what do they need to know. >> if you have 401(k), you're
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more than likely in it for the long hall. you should not panic over the knee-jerk reactions. it isn't something that will happen right away. it is a process that will take a few years, however, today's decision could keep the federal reserve on the sidelines in terms of raising interest rates at least through the summer. alex, a very new day for the uk. >> a ripple effect as well. thank you, landon. let's go to sports and the 2016 nba draft was held in brooklyn. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nba draft, the philadelphia 76ers select ben simmons. >> and you heard it there, the 76ers have the first pick, choosing lsu ben simmons. fresh off his nba championship win, lebron james said he will not be participated in the rio
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lawsuit yesterday, claiming the band plagiarized music "stairway to heaven." the jury decided there was not enough evidence to justify the claim. jimmy fallon discussed brexit last night on the "tonight show." the united kingdom held a vote on whether to remain in the european union or become independent. i saw that as people headed to the polls, torrential rain flooded london streets and disrupted public transportation, as opposed to our election, which will be flooded by frogs and locus. i'm alex witt, and this is "early today." there's nothing like the feeling of snuggly softness. but the more love it gets... the more odor it gets.
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leading the news in tguardi britain votes brexit. after the decision to leave the eu this morning, questions began to arise will others follow britain's lead. calling the results truly sobering. the bbc news, brexit sparks calls for other eu votes. brexit has inspired others. france's leader is now saying that france must also have the right to leave, while a dutch anti-im grag anti-immigration says they have the right to vote.
4:27 am
what does the brexit mean going forward. >> reporter: thanks, alex. really no under estimating the importance of this decision. it is being called independence day by those who advocated for the leave vote and being called a complete disaster by those who want to remain. no other country has left the european union before. already, heads are rolling. david cameron, just a couple of hours ago, appeared behind me outside his residence here at 10 downing street. choking back tears when he said he would be resigning in october, and leaving the future of the brexit to his successor. he staked his political future on this hard fought decision. now, already, the sharks are sir circling, those who pressed for the vote now stand to inherit power from david cameron. the markets are showing the volatility. the pound has reach aid 31 year
4:28 am
low. the stock markets are down and the financial markets in the u.s. haven't even opened. we haven't felt the impact. so this is a tidal wave yet to crash on american shores. >> matt, thanks for that. a look ahead. president obama will meet with facebook ceo mark zuckerberg as the global hip summit in san francisco. the pair will also pair together on facebook live. we want to wish a happy birthday to mindy kaling. fleetwood mack singer turns 69, and michelle lee, 74. stay right here for more weather, news and sports. >> is that your first week? >> thanks for watching "early today," everyone. have a better weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. right now at 4:30-- breaking noe
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ramifications-- great britain will leave the e- hitting the worldwide markets, right now at 4:30, grit britain will leave the eu and the news is hitting the world market hard. this morning, all eye's on wall street. >> hundred homes shredded by flames. people brace for a kern county wildfire that shows no signs of showing. today in the way starts right now. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we'll have some hot weather, if you consider that good news. we've seen that all week long. it continues to go up as


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